Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the history of track

So, here is what happened a few hundred years ago... there were 3 men sitting on a mountain top and they looked down and they saw men running around in circles and one of the men on the mountain said, "How funny would it be if one of them tripped and then they all fell over?" and one of the other men said, "Like OMG mate that would be so funny." So that night they decided to put logs all around the circle hoping to come back the next day and find them all fallen over and possibly dead.The next morning the 3 gentlemen came back they found something even funnier then a pile of crazy circle runners. They saw these runners running and jumping over the logs and they all thought that it was the best thing in the world. It was an epic prank fail.

But really if you think about it, you will never need to be able to run and jump over things that are half your size and not only that but also being super speedy at the whole thing. Like really guys what on earth were you thinking? Maybe they thought that they were going to stick a bunch of people in the forest and who ever got out the fastest won 40 virgins.. oh wait that's when you die if you are a Muslim. So i really have no idea what this whole thing is about.