Thursday, November 26, 2009

gobble gobble??

Hey. It's Thanksgiving and it's not really a party. I had plans to volunteer at the Scera at the exact same time as my Thanksgiving lunch but my plans have been ruined and now i am stuck at home with my crazy family all packed around a table with a dead bird on top. Hooray for Thanksgiving. Honestly i hate Thanksgiving almost more than anything else in the world it's just an excuse to get your family together and criticize as many people as you can, it's like a game; a game that only my grandma can win because no one but my father dares to talk back to her. And when my family isn't criticizing each other we are criticizing something else. In my family it's just easier not to show up to family things and risk becoming the target of the meal, which i feel i have been for the last few, it always starts with a sibling saying how are you and then i reply with ehh because i would really rather be just about any place else. Then my Grandma gets on me about how i never smile and then she just goes on and on about how i am a depressed bum that never smiles and she tries to get a smile out of me which only makes it worse and then we start to eat and my grandma always says something about what i am eating she'll tell me that i need to eat everything that is on the table and every time we get in this huge discussion about me being vegetarian and how i am crazy because meat is a privilege and i should appreciate it and things like that. Then there is usually a weight comment thrown in somewhere and i want to smack her. Luckily she hasn't really seen me so far today so she has just been going off about illegal immigrants and Mexicans which makes me even angrier than her going off at me so this is just awesome. So i hope your Thanksgiving is awesome cause i know mine won't be. On the plus side next year i will live in a dorm and i can just order a pizza and it will be a party. Any one wanna join me?

Random note for the day: Who came up with the word gobble? Why is that the word used to make a turkey noise and a word used to describe eating? Gobble. It's such a weird word.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

K Dawg.

Dear Kevin,
I miss you buddy!
I would like to find you and give you a cake.
You down with that?
the awesome me.

p.s. did i die on virtual weasel???
p.p.s. come play with me!!
p.p.s.s. why do you have to have two Ps in the second p.s.??

Sunday, November 22, 2009

spread to thin, just like a terrible PB&J

Senior stuff is silly. Not really. But seriously, there is just so much shenanigans that needs to be done epically to graduate from the Walden school. I hate it. There are projects to be done, research papers to write, test to take and schools to apply to. So in case you don't know, to graduate from the Walden school you need to do 2 gigantic projects your senior year, you need a creative project and a service project, you also need to write a research paper that has to be like 10 pages long or something and you need a large amount of credits, much larger that any other high school in Utah, at least that's what i was told and you need an acceptance letter from at least one college.

So as you know i am a procrastinator so obviously i have gotten a ton of this done. I have actually gotten started so that's good. I am in the Nutcracker for my creative project and that will go until mid December ish so until then all of my weekends and free time is gone. i have taken the ACT once and i have yet to start preparing for the one next month. I have gotten acceptance letters to two colleges so that is good but i don't really want to go to either of them so i am hoping that i get into the one that i am applying to right now. I was going to have a school wide canned food drive next month for my service project, but the elementary school beat me to it so now i have no idea what i am going to do for 30 hours of service and i have yet to start working on my research paper. And best of all i still have to take classes on top of all of that and let me tell you it's a really party epically since i am taking 2 science classes and 2 math classes and i don't really know what's going on in those and i have a psychics test tomorrow morning and i am not prepared at all and i am currently failing that class so right now things are going real well for me. oh and Pre-Calc makes me want to cry. my mind is shot. i have brain goo coming out of my ears.

My body is shutting down, i can feel it. I have been spending all week in school and then i been going to rehearsal for nutcracker which really wears me out and makes me so stressed that i can't even sleep and thank goodness there are only two days of school this week but wait, the first nutcracker performance is this weekend so i get to spend 3 whole days of the break working on/preforming and the one day that i don't have to do nutcracker stuff is thanksgiving which is the holiday that i would like to shoot upside the face for so many reasons the main two being the fact that i hate the food and i am no fan of having my giant angry family crammed around a table arguing with each other... i hate Christmas for the same reason. I hate it so much that i am trying to work on Thanksgiving so i can avoid everyone. wow, aren't i just a little bundle of joy?

so this is me officially declaring that, one, i HATE Walden and i can't wait to leave the school and just about everyone in it, two, that Thanksgiving is terrible and three, i would like to shoot myself so if you have a gun can i borrow it?? please?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ode to Chance!

So i was playing with my dear friend Chance today during 3rd period and he decided that he wasn't on my blog enough so i am going to write an entire blog about him!! His response to that: "1. I am boring so you can't write that much. 2. I forgot. Oh wait! That's a lot of dedication. 3. Well, i don't have a third one but if i did it would be good."

So since sentences are so over rated i am going to make a list full of reasons why i love chance!

1. Chance has a fuzzy face and he lets me touch it.
2. He likes peeing outside just as much as i do and we can talk about it all the time.
3. He crawls into giant pipes on the side of the road.
4. He helps me clean up messes in a rather unusual way, like sucking up all the Jamba Juice that one time.
5. He always smells good.
6. He lets me borrow his deodorant on camping trips.
7. He's not afraid to share the swine flu with me.
8. He'll smack me back :]
9. He'll wear random pajamas found in a random bag in the teachers lounge.
10. "Who lives in a Tree?" Best story ever!
11. His facial expressions are the best ones on this planet!
12. He is one of the few guys who treat girls with respect.
13. He can do that trippy eye thing that i hate but i think is awesome.
14. He makes fun of me because i hate eye contact.
15. I ripped his boxers once so he ripped them all the way off.
16. He's not afraid to lick me.
17. He is the Father of my imaginary children.
18. He's the funniest person i know!
19. He's an attractive child.
20. He is going to be a chef one day.
21. There is no guile in Chance.
22. He's the nicest person i know.
23. He still has a childlike personality that most people lose when they grow up.
24. He is one of my best friends.

Anyways. That's Chance for you!!