Sunday, December 20, 2009

my soul is barren, my heart is hallow

Sometimes i am just not sure how to feel about things. I suppose it has something to do with my pessimistic ways. I feel blank in a way. I feel nothing and i really don't care. I don't care if i am alone or if i have friends. I don't wanna do anything. I just wanna sleep. I feel fried. I think i push myself to much and then i just get in this state where nothing matters to me and i feel like anything could happen and i wouldn't care. It's weird. I feel like i have a pit in my stomach that just eats all of my feelings away.. at least all of the good ones. I kinda just wanna go off at somebody, no one in particular, i just wanna yell at some one and hope that i feel better after. Nutcracker is over and i want to feel sad but i feel like i can't and i think it's making me sick. I wanna talk about how i feel but the problem is that i don't know how i feel about anything. I think this might be an issue. Maybe it's not me not feeling anything but just a lack of reassurance of my feelings. I kinda just want to pour myself out to someone, someone i don't know and i'll never see again, someone who can help, someone who will care enough to listen. I miss seeing Carlin around and being able to talk with him about everything without feeling judged.

Monday, December 14, 2009


today is one of those days where i don't wanna see anybody.
i hate finals.
i wanna go home.
screw school.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tick tock on the clock but the party don't stop.

So this blog is gonna be all over the place. I have been meaning to blog a few times over the last couple of days but i haven't so i am going to have a combo deal right here. First of all i am so in love with the song TiK ToK by Ke$ha. I downloaded the song yesterday and i have already listened to the song like 20 times. That song is actually where i got the title for this blog cause i had no idea what to call it because it's so all over everywhere. Secondly, Merin, I tried to comment on your most recent blog but i couldn't for some reason, it made me sad also you and i should become tight because you and i are both crazy and we are feeling lonely ish. Yes? Third, Kevin is coming back to school tomorrow and i am so excited to see that boy because i love him to death! Forth, i totally love Dallas, he is crazy and we had the best time last night he got plastered and made a jello mold of his face. It was amazing.

Now aside from all of that, does it make anyone else really sad when someone makes a cover of a song and it sounds a ton better than the original? By sad i don't really mean sad but like disappointed in the band because it's like i just saw some kid on YouTube and a guitar preform that song so much better than you and you have a ton of money and a recording studio and things but this kid is a billion times better than you. Or my favorite is when some one is mocking your song and they make it better like pretty much everything on the punk goes crunk album. Oh my gosh. Best ever.

Since i am on the topic of music i thought i should tell my crazy story. I was hanging out with my best friend Lilly the other day and we were going through the stuff on On Demand and we found this video that was called Care Bears on Fire thinking that it was going to be the cartoon Carebears on fire or something like that so obviously we clicked it in hopes that it would be hysterical but no it wasn't like that at all. It was a music video and the song was called Everybody Else, first of all it was the worst song i have ever heard in my life and the band is like 3 12 year old wanna be punk girls and there was like 3 lines in the whole song and oh my gosh it was so terrible that i just cracked up and i thought i was gonna pee my pants or something and Lilly was just looking at me the whole time and was like WTF and it was such a good moment in my life and now we sing the song to each other and it's fantastic.

OH, i have another story. I went to the haunted forest with Haley back in October and i totally wet myself, it was so sad. I have no idea why i am putting this on Internet, i guess i have no shame or maybe i am just that bored or something. Anyways i went with my friend Haley to the haunted forest and she worked there when we went so i thought she wouldn't be afraid at all and she is kind of a masculine girl so i thought she was gonna try to scare other people and we were just gonna mess around and stuff but she was freaking out the whole time and it was the funniest thing ever. I was so amused by what she was doing that i didn't get scared at all. So i made it through practically the entire thing until we were right by the exit and this dude came out with a chainsaw and Haley stared screaming and like hoping all over people trying to get out of there and i could have sworn i was gonna die laughing but instead i just peed. It was the greatest moment of my life.

Oh my gosh i can't even remember what all i was going to say in this blog i got totally sidetracked. oh well. i guess this is the end for now.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

gobble gobble??

Hey. It's Thanksgiving and it's not really a party. I had plans to volunteer at the Scera at the exact same time as my Thanksgiving lunch but my plans have been ruined and now i am stuck at home with my crazy family all packed around a table with a dead bird on top. Hooray for Thanksgiving. Honestly i hate Thanksgiving almost more than anything else in the world it's just an excuse to get your family together and criticize as many people as you can, it's like a game; a game that only my grandma can win because no one but my father dares to talk back to her. And when my family isn't criticizing each other we are criticizing something else. In my family it's just easier not to show up to family things and risk becoming the target of the meal, which i feel i have been for the last few, it always starts with a sibling saying how are you and then i reply with ehh because i would really rather be just about any place else. Then my Grandma gets on me about how i never smile and then she just goes on and on about how i am a depressed bum that never smiles and she tries to get a smile out of me which only makes it worse and then we start to eat and my grandma always says something about what i am eating she'll tell me that i need to eat everything that is on the table and every time we get in this huge discussion about me being vegetarian and how i am crazy because meat is a privilege and i should appreciate it and things like that. Then there is usually a weight comment thrown in somewhere and i want to smack her. Luckily she hasn't really seen me so far today so she has just been going off about illegal immigrants and Mexicans which makes me even angrier than her going off at me so this is just awesome. So i hope your Thanksgiving is awesome cause i know mine won't be. On the plus side next year i will live in a dorm and i can just order a pizza and it will be a party. Any one wanna join me?

Random note for the day: Who came up with the word gobble? Why is that the word used to make a turkey noise and a word used to describe eating? Gobble. It's such a weird word.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

K Dawg.

Dear Kevin,
I miss you buddy!
I would like to find you and give you a cake.
You down with that?
the awesome me.

p.s. did i die on virtual weasel???
p.p.s. come play with me!!
p.p.s.s. why do you have to have two Ps in the second p.s.??

Sunday, November 22, 2009

spread to thin, just like a terrible PB&J

Senior stuff is silly. Not really. But seriously, there is just so much shenanigans that needs to be done epically to graduate from the Walden school. I hate it. There are projects to be done, research papers to write, test to take and schools to apply to. So in case you don't know, to graduate from the Walden school you need to do 2 gigantic projects your senior year, you need a creative project and a service project, you also need to write a research paper that has to be like 10 pages long or something and you need a large amount of credits, much larger that any other high school in Utah, at least that's what i was told and you need an acceptance letter from at least one college.

So as you know i am a procrastinator so obviously i have gotten a ton of this done. I have actually gotten started so that's good. I am in the Nutcracker for my creative project and that will go until mid December ish so until then all of my weekends and free time is gone. i have taken the ACT once and i have yet to start preparing for the one next month. I have gotten acceptance letters to two colleges so that is good but i don't really want to go to either of them so i am hoping that i get into the one that i am applying to right now. I was going to have a school wide canned food drive next month for my service project, but the elementary school beat me to it so now i have no idea what i am going to do for 30 hours of service and i have yet to start working on my research paper. And best of all i still have to take classes on top of all of that and let me tell you it's a really party epically since i am taking 2 science classes and 2 math classes and i don't really know what's going on in those and i have a psychics test tomorrow morning and i am not prepared at all and i am currently failing that class so right now things are going real well for me. oh and Pre-Calc makes me want to cry. my mind is shot. i have brain goo coming out of my ears.

My body is shutting down, i can feel it. I have been spending all week in school and then i been going to rehearsal for nutcracker which really wears me out and makes me so stressed that i can't even sleep and thank goodness there are only two days of school this week but wait, the first nutcracker performance is this weekend so i get to spend 3 whole days of the break working on/preforming and the one day that i don't have to do nutcracker stuff is thanksgiving which is the holiday that i would like to shoot upside the face for so many reasons the main two being the fact that i hate the food and i am no fan of having my giant angry family crammed around a table arguing with each other... i hate Christmas for the same reason. I hate it so much that i am trying to work on Thanksgiving so i can avoid everyone. wow, aren't i just a little bundle of joy?

so this is me officially declaring that, one, i HATE Walden and i can't wait to leave the school and just about everyone in it, two, that Thanksgiving is terrible and three, i would like to shoot myself so if you have a gun can i borrow it?? please?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ode to Chance!

So i was playing with my dear friend Chance today during 3rd period and he decided that he wasn't on my blog enough so i am going to write an entire blog about him!! His response to that: "1. I am boring so you can't write that much. 2. I forgot. Oh wait! That's a lot of dedication. 3. Well, i don't have a third one but if i did it would be good."

So since sentences are so over rated i am going to make a list full of reasons why i love chance!

1. Chance has a fuzzy face and he lets me touch it.
2. He likes peeing outside just as much as i do and we can talk about it all the time.
3. He crawls into giant pipes on the side of the road.
4. He helps me clean up messes in a rather unusual way, like sucking up all the Jamba Juice that one time.
5. He always smells good.
6. He lets me borrow his deodorant on camping trips.
7. He's not afraid to share the swine flu with me.
8. He'll smack me back :]
9. He'll wear random pajamas found in a random bag in the teachers lounge.
10. "Who lives in a Tree?" Best story ever!
11. His facial expressions are the best ones on this planet!
12. He is one of the few guys who treat girls with respect.
13. He can do that trippy eye thing that i hate but i think is awesome.
14. He makes fun of me because i hate eye contact.
15. I ripped his boxers once so he ripped them all the way off.
16. He's not afraid to lick me.
17. He is the Father of my imaginary children.
18. He's the funniest person i know!
19. He's an attractive child.
20. He is going to be a chef one day.
21. There is no guile in Chance.
22. He's the nicest person i know.
23. He still has a childlike personality that most people lose when they grow up.
24. He is one of my best friends.

Anyways. That's Chance for you!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

getting down with the sickness.

so i have been sick for like five days now and i finally went to the doctor and he told me that i had viral gunk. it was a very good moment in my life, not because i have a virus but because he called it viral gunk and he never addressed it by a medical term. anyways, i should be back at school Monday, but i need to rest and take things easy this weekend. seriously though? this weekend of all weekends? why? why does my body hate me so? tomorrow is Halloween which just so happens to be the greatest day of the entire year and i can't do any thing amazing! grrrr! seriously i had the greatest week planned. i was going to have a costume count down to Halloween but i had to cancel that and i had to sit at home in pajamas all week. tonight i was going to go to Rachel's birthday party which was going to be amazing because she's going to a Japanese restaurant, but oh wait my stomach won't be able to digest all of that amazing-ness. after that i was going to dance rehersal, and honestly i wasn't super excited in the first place but i have a cool partner so it was going to be a party and the greatest thing of all was after that i was going to spend the night at Maren's house and we were going to have a psych marathon and we were going to do all sorts of crazy things all friday night and saturday long but now i can't because of my effing virus. grrreat. my body hates me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friendly Firsts

So i just got home from Zac and Jamie's wedding. It was really nice ceremony. Jamie looked beautiful and they both had this glow about them, no matter where you were in the room you could feel how happy they were. It just got me thinking about how that could be me eventually or even in a year from now, they were in the same position i am now, like i know i won't be married in a year but to think that i could be is really strange. One of the other things it got me thinking about is will i ever be able to find someone who makes me that happy? i tend to have some dating/commitment issues you see, like only staying with people who are abusive and crazy but when someone who is good for me or makes me happy comes along i kinda freak out and get really distant because i am worried that i am going to get hurt because that tends to happen to me. And my last thought was what if i never get married or if i do and i get divorced so i am forced to live my life all alone with a billion cats and become a crazy lady mmmm that would suck i would be a loner i don't think i could handle it at all i would just flip out and die.

Anyways congrats Zac and Jamie!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

last first day... kinda...

So the Jr. High Walkabout was BOMB!!! I had a blast and i met (more like got to know because i already knew who they were) some super dope kids specifically Josh, Jeffery, Gavin and William. I enjoy them a lot! We climbed a mountain and we got to go to the animal shelter together, fun, fun, fun. That right there is my summary of Zion's, If you wanna know more just ask me and I'll fill you in on the details.


So that, up there is my separation line, it's beautiful!

Anyways, i had a strange day yesterday, it was the last first day of school, kinda, i consider it the last but it technically isn't because i will eventually go to college and then i will have a first day of school, but that is a totally different first day so it shouldn't be put in the same category as the under adulthood age, always needed schooling amount group. Get what I'm saying?

Anyways, it was the first last day and i was woken by my sister at 0700 hours, it was so wonderful, i loved it. Not really. So then i got up and went to Seminary where i saw Brother Little for the first time in months! I was so excited to see him, he is the best seminary teacher ever!! When school started we (the student body) were split into our new mentor groups and then things went crazy because we all had to fill out new schedules because there was apparently something wrong with the old ones. So that made me angry because i do like things to be reasonably organized and that was just insanely hectic, i kinda wanted to shoot myself in the face because my schedule no longer worked out the way that i wanted it to. grrrrr.

First Period: Honors Physics
So when i finally figured out my schedule i went to class late, great way to start off the year right? And when i get in to class guess who i see!!! The ONE kid that i didn't want any classes with, and there he is right up front just talking away. So i am obviously excited to be stuck in this class with that kid ALL YEAR! Yay!
Second Period: Philosophy & Ethics
I walk into the class room and it's packed with just under 30 kids, that's a whole lot for a Walden class. So now I'm thinking, great, we won't get anything done in this class and Steph is just gonna get angry with all the side conversations going on, so this class will be really productive. I find a seat in the back on the floor by Chance and Riley and then just when class is about to start, guess who walks in, just guess! IT'S THE SAME STUPID KID!!!!!! hooray. Lucky for me i think i will get really into this class and i think i will eventually get to the point where i don't notice he's there.

Third Period: Senior Seminar
This is a class with all the seniors and to be honest i am very worried about my grade in this class. The teacher is used to teaching college students and i really struggle with English so i am pretty sure i am screwed. Plus the work amount that we have to get done in this class stresses me out and someone who i am pretty sure hates me is in that class so this class just stinks all around.

Forth Period: Ancient World Civilizations
This class is taught by Bev so i walk in very excited when i see "the boy" sitting on a couch and then walks in behind me is the girl who hates me so then i decide that i am cursed or something, so now i am really hoping that i am not cursed enough to be stuck in a group with them for a project or something because i am sure someones head would be ripped off.

Maren - Graduated
Chance - MATC
Me - No one to play with at lunch any more.

Fifth Period: Discreet Math
So i had a bad lunch period and i walk in and josh is talking about project days and there is a whole day devoted to coming up with a math project and working on it for at least 4 hours. So i am obviously looking forward to that. The positive about this class, no one hates me... i think, and i don't hate any one. yay!

Sixth Period: P.H.A.T. Major
Sorry i can't remember what the letters stand for but it's basically and anatomy class and i really like that class because it's me and 3 other girls so nothing can really go wrong except maybe and explosion.....

Seventh Period: ASL 2
The girl who hates me is in this class. The teacher scares me and she comes off really strict and there is NO talking allowed in this class. So exciting right?

Pretty good first day huh? Yeah and you know what? This is the first time in the 5 going on 6 years that i have been at Walden that i don't have a class from Eric, i am worried, scared, angry, depressed ect. ect. ect. I MISS ERIC!!!! This semester is gonna stink!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who's excited?? Me? Yes, me!!!

As you can tell by the title above i am very excited! You wanna know why? Well good cause I'm going to tell you! I am going to spend the next for days of my life in the Zion/Kanab area with the Jr. high students of the Walden School. Junior high students aren't very exciting but i get to be a leader with Carl, Wendi, Gwen, Diana, Caitlin and my mother. Do you know how excited i am to be able to boss small teens around?!?!? I am so excited, they have to do whatever i tell them! MWAHAHAHA!!

Okay well, that's not the only exciting part. I also get to spend a lot of time at the Best Friends Animal Society, which is where a lot of pets that have been abused live and i get to help them and love them and play with them. It will be a great adventure, but i can tell saying good-bye is going to be hard on my part. I looked on their web page and i already want to take some of their dogs home with me. I found a Chihuahua named Taco that i would like to come home with me on Thursday but sadly that probably won't happen. Maybe since we have a dog i can convince my mom to get one of the pigs they have down there, that would be exciting!

Alrighty i will let you all know how it goes when i get back and I'll post some pics on facebook. Have a good week! I know i will!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer days @ the Walden School.

Going in to school over summer break is pretty normal for me and i enjoy it quite a lot. Hanging with teachers, going to meetings, going to lunch, and maybe doing some small jobs to help out. If only school was like that all the time.. Oh wait, it is! I love Walden. 

So i really don't have anything specific to say, all i know is i went into school today and it made me very happy inside. Carl is a cool dude, we had some deep biological discussions about pigs and he showed me how to be a seal and Michael Jackson, i learned so much from him. Eric is still in touch with his feminine side and he had me braid his hair and we had some girl talk, he also attempted to teach me how to enjoy babies, i didn't enjoy that. I know all about the Walkabout and i am not even going. I smell like India, i met a beautiful carpet cleaner and i jammed out to some old school rap. i am a hardcore Walden gangsta! I can't wait to go up to the cabin tonight and get the whole Student Gov set up and watch the meteor shower with some peeps. This year better rock! Go Seniors!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Philadelphia and Arlington's End

Saturday June 27:
Philly!! Hooray! Shi, Drew and i got there around  1 went to visitors center, where i got my mom cook book  in hopes that she would make some of the yummy looking things inside. Then we all headed over to the liberty bell and i was surprised at how small it was, i guess for a bell it is big but i was expecting something hugetastic, but what ever, old bells with cracks in  them are cool. Then we headed over to Benjamin Franklin's house, which wasn't really his house it was like a frame of his house and there were random quotes all over, and when i say random i mean it! They were way dumb like as if he was on crack or something there was one that was like i went shopping and got something for ten cents and my maid walked down the stairs. Really? Why are those all over the place? No one wants to read that! We want inspiring things to read! Either way i managed to get a kick out of it. Then there was independence hall, which was alright. And last but not least a duck tour which it a driving/boating tour, it was hard core!

Sunday June 28:
Woke up and went to church, what a surprise. Then the botanic gardens, which is Shi's favorite, i thought it was okay, flowers are cool things, i really enjoyed breathing there it felt so good!! We went home and watched meet the fockers, and i honestly could have lived without seeing it, the first one is way better. Then we walked around outside and called it a day.

Monday June 29:
Last day! Crazy right? I thought so. So i woke up packed, showered, ate, you know the norm then Shi was like so i have some clothes that you should have so i took them and i came home. End.

Who are all these people you may ask?
So yeah in case you are reading this and you have no idea who i have been talking about the last few blogs, let me fill you in.
Shiloh = My sister
Andrew = Shiloh's Husband
Johnny = Andrew's Brother
Andrea = Johnny's wife
James/Jackson = Andrea and Johnny's children
Amy = Andrew's Sister
Chunky/Daniel = Andrew's Brother
Eric = Shiloh's Step dad 
I think that's everyone...

Friday, June 26, 2009

DC Update Part 2

Saturday June 20th:
Okay, so we went grocery shopping a pretty normal Saturday thing, until we went to the most ghetto grocery store i have ever been to in my life, at first i was grossed out because it all looked pretty dirty, that was until i saw a kinder bueno, for those of you that don't know what that is, it is pretty much one of the greatest treats in the world and you can usually find it in the candy isle, unless you live in Utah because there is hardly any international food there, well anyways when i saw this kinder bueno drew said he would buy it for my and right then that ghetto store became the best place in the world. After going shopping, we, the three amigos went to check out the world war 2 monument, but drew couldn't find parking so he dropped Shi and i off at the monument and we met up with him down at the Lincoln memorial where a strange polish festival thing was going on. On our way back to the house we stopped at blockbuster and rented meet the parents which i enjoyed a lot and i am sure a lot of that enjoyment had to due with Robert De Niro reminding me of my father.

Sunday June 21st:
Sunday was pretty chill, we just went to church and then came home and ate dinner with Johnny and Andrea

Monday June 22nd:
I headed in the city all by my self in hope of seeing the holocaust museum before it was crazy packed full of people, but when i got there it was still closed and i had an hour to burn so i went to the Washington Monument and back to the WW2 monument because when i went the first time it was packed and i didn't have my camera. I still had a half hour but everything else was pretty far from the museum, so i just headed back and when i got there i found a line that had started forming at like 7 so i felt like a moron that i didn't see it the first time. Luckily i was only like a hundred people back and i was glad i didn't waste the rest of the hour messing around in DC like i had planned to. When i got to the front of the line i was able to get the earliest ticket since i was a party of one and i was able to go straight in which was very nice. Then i went in and got this passport thing and then you go up in an elevator where you pretty much walk through history, this museum was done really well and i enjoyed it but i was kinda hoping for it to be quite a bit more graphic then it was. After spending 4 hours in the museum i went to eat at a veggie place my mom recommended to me. Then my Dad called and we talked for a while and he said i should go down to the Daughters of the American Revolution Building and register to become a member. So i walked down there and i was the only person there and it was really creepy so i left and i went and chilled in a park across the street. I had just started to read when some singing African came up to me and started talking. I was kinda freaked out and his English wasn't that great and he kept mumbling in french and i was really confused, but we talked for like a hour and then he left. I decided that i was going to go to the other side of the mall just in case he decided he wanted to come back and chat because i was very done talking to him. When i got to the other side of the mall i saw the Vietnam and Korean War memorials which were pretty cool. Then i had to walk to Andrew's work which was like 15 blocks away. It was a party.

Tuesday June 23rd:
So i woke up bright and early and i stood in the line for the Archives building which ended up being the line of death and by that i mean it was a line that turned into another line that turned into another line, it was crazy annoying. After standing in lines for like 3 hours i finally saw the declaration of Independence, the bill of rights and the Constitution, in all honesty they really weren't that exciting, it was just some ratty old paper that you couldn't even read. Then i went to the Natural History Museum and it was the bomb dot com. There were creepy looking dead fish stuffed into jars, dinosaurs, a strange cartoon about evolution and dead humans that i got to play with!! It can't get much better then that! After spending a few hours in the museum i headed back to see the rest of the American history museum and it was lame, i saw all the good things with Chunk. I then went out side to take a nap in the shade when....... i got a call from my bestest friend in the whole world, Chance! He called to tell me that he slipped and fell on his kitchen floor and managed to tear his eye lid apart (Is anyone else curious how that happened?) Well, in case you are wondering, he is alive, he just had to get stitches and now he has a kick butt scar! After a very exciting day in the city i went home and watched nacho libre, it was one of the strangest things i have ever seen in my life!

Wednesday June 24th: 
I slept in once again, then i did some reading on Philly to plan the weekend trip. Sam called, and tried to talk me through a purchase, it was a pain in the behind. After that i watched slumdog millionaire, and i really liked it,  and i didn't really understand why it was R, it wasn't nearly as violent as i had heard it was going to be, and i vote that if you are thinking about watching this, i say go for it, because it is amazing! After that i needed to watch some arrested development to lift my spirit because the ending of slumdog was slightly depressing. Yeaaah that was all i did that day. I live a pretty exciting life right?

Thursday June 25th: "The Day of Death"
i woke up bright early to go to the Arlington Cemetery. I took some snacks and water and i got off at the right metro stop, everything was going well, until (dun, dun, dun) I entered the Cemetery. I walk in and i am nearly hit by a bus, i get yelled at by a cop and by then i'm a little exhausted, I walk into the visitor center where i find that the little bus thing that goes around the cemetery costs like $60 a ticket so i just figure screw that and i walk in. At first i was really intimidated by all of the gravestones but then i bust out my camera and i go for a walk and i took a lot of pictures and not one of my pictures has the same gravestone in it twice. Well any ways i am walking along in the hot sun and then i decide that i should find the tomb of the unknown solider so i start looking around and i see no one at all so i hike up this giant hill to see if i can find anyone but i can't. There is no one in site, but i did see a road so i walked down to it and i followed in to the deep abis known as the Arlington cemetery and i seriously walked on the road for an hour and a half in the hot sun without water, because i was to thirsty to just carry it around. Well any ways i eventually see a bus thing and i follow it back to where i started and i see this huge sign that says Kennedy with an arrow under it pointing in the exact opposite direction that i went. So, it was a sad day for Jamie. Then i follow the arrows to the stairs of death, i seriously thought i was going to die going up them, i was very surprised that i made it up alive. When i got to the top i was surrounded by people who were taking pictures so i did the same. Then i followed the crowd up more stairs of death to the tomb of the unknown solider, it was a pretty fancy thing. Then after my long hot day in the sun i headed back into the city where i found my self in the air and space museum. I had high expectations of this museum after hearing that it was the best place in DC from a few people that had visited before me. Unfortunately i was let down and the most exciting thing in there was the skanky flight attendant uniforms, but maybe it is super exciting and i was to tired or not enough of a science person to recognize that. So as you can tell i got pretty bored and i went outside, took of my shoes and played in a water fountain, it felt so good standing in that cold water. Then some squirrels came and played with me and they did some tricks and i gave them some treats and they let me pet them and love them! ahhh!! Just as the day was getting better i had to go home via metro and it was insanely crowded. Also how is it that i always manage to get my face stuck right in some huge smelly dude's armpit?!?!? The evening festivities included eating some food and watching Taken and that dude is pretty Bad A. there is no messing with this guy... i love him.

Friday June 26th: 
I slept in and let me tell you that it felt amazing after the day of death. Then little James came down and he is currently going through a fish phase so i found Finding Nemo online and that boy was so excited that i thought he was going to pee his pants, luckily, he didn't. After playing with James, Andrea decided that she should feed me and i did enjoy her food. Then Shi and Drew came home from work and we went to the Lost Dog Cafe which is an organization/cafe that helps raise food for lost dogs, it was delicious, you should go there.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

DC Update!!

Week one in the District of Columbia/Arlington

Friday June 12th:
I flew to the DC airport where Andrew picked me up, then he drove me down to the new Shi/Drew homestead where we met up with Chunky and Eric. I hadn't been at the new house long before Andrea and her kiddies showed up with dinner. Then Andrea took me back to the current living space of Shi and Drew, where I sat on the computer and facebooked until Eric, Drew and Chunky were done working on the house for the night and came home to That 70's Show and ice cream.

Saturday June 13th:
The boys got up bright and early, Shiloh and i slept in. The we went to the house where i knocked out a wall, which was a complete blast!!!

Sunday June 14th:
Eric headed home to Utah and the rest of us headed to church. After church Chunk, Drew, Shi and I went to the FDR and the Jefferson Memorials which were okay, they had some cool quotes and lots of water. Then we went back to the house and ate some ice cream and watched some SNL clips and Andrea came down and talked to us.

Monday June 15th:
Andrew and Shi went to work, Chunky and i checked out downtown, starting with the Capitol where we expected to get a super private tour that my father set up, but things didn't go the way we planned and we were thrown into the crap public tour. Then Chunk and I headed to the library of congress where we saw The Gutenberg Bible, it is one of three perfect copies on vellum in the world. Chunky was very excited about this discovery. P.S. the library of congress is BEAUTIFUL you should check it out. Next Chunk and I took the Metro the the world bank cafeteria where we had some insanely delicious food. After eating Drew told me about the world bank and i am a little in love with there cause. Then after Chunks 3rd bathroom break of the day we headed back down to the mall to check out a Smithsonian. We ended up going to the American History Museum for the rest of the day and only managed to see 1/3. That thing was crazy huge! That night at the house there was a little drama, it was all good though, no one died, but i am sure we all thought that some one was going too.

Tuesday June 16th:
Amy, her daughter, Andrea, her boys, Chunk and I went to the East Art Gallery, where we chased after children and saw minimal art, but paused in the cafe to have some early morning Italian ice cream. When we came back home Amy and her daughter left and Chunk went to do some last minute work on the house before he left that night. Chunk left in the afternoon and then i realized that it was going to be much quieter with out him and i was going to miss him dearly. When Andrew got home that night he introduced me to a show called arrested development and i love it, i am currently on episode 16 just in case you were wondering.

Wednesday June 17th:
Mwahaha i slept in till 1:30 in the p.m. and then i walked to the local library which was very small and i got a book on DC so i could figure out the things that i want to see.

Thursday June 18th:
Once again i slept in but only till 11:30 this time then i hung out with Johnny who was determined to entertain me some how so he decided to take me and the boys to the Iwo Jima memorial in the pouring rain, this was a very good adventure and this also became my favorite memorial. When we got back James who is the oldest child of Johnny and Andrea decided that he wanted to play with me, so we watched some stoybooks that were turned into movies for a while, then we colored and played the alphabet game. It was a good couple of hours.

Friday June 19th:
Since i am visiting Shiloh who is one of the greatest shoppers of all time, we went to the mall where she took me in to her favorite european store, H&M, and well, i fell in love with it, sadly i only got two things and i wish i got more but oh well. Then we went to blockbuster and rented Iron Man, which i didn't really know much about, i knew he was some sort of super hero but that was it and i can now say i know more and i recomend this film.

End of week one.
Stay tuned to hear about the rest of my adventure!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swine Flu!!

Okay, so most of you know i have swine flu and in all honesty i don't think it's that bad. How ever there is something that stinks about swine flu, everyone around you freaks out, they just run around screaming "don't touch me woman i don't want to die!!" It's just a tad annoying, not really; It is more then annoying, it is the most obnoxious thing in the world and you should not do that because it isn't nice and it makes you look like a crazy person! Like honestly i am not going to chase you down and cough all over you and infect you with my germs in hopes that you will die. I will probably just keep to myself and try to get better and ignore the fact that you are going crazy.

Also i find it kind of rude when people start calling me the deased one or the illness and they won't let me do anything because i might contaminate something which will cause someone to die. Really though? Is that what is going to happen? I am going to go into the kitchen to get a glass of water and i will cough and now whoever happens to enter the kitchen next will slowly die???? Yep, i think you are right, that is what will happen.

that is the end of my swine flu rant.
thanks to all of you who don't do that and a super thanks to those that have brought me things to make me feel better such as smoothies or juice you are awesome :]

Friday, May 8, 2009

from the future

i have no time to write so this will have to do.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

i enjoy most people

I love people, i do, a lot. So i am going to attempt to make a happy non ranting/angry/movie spoiling blog. Lets see how this goes...

I love people who are like Chance, he reminds me of child because they are so simple minded and loving and the appreciate everything, he's also like puppies that's full of energy and fun and it's really hard to get bored around him which is a good thing. Thanks for the entertainment i quite enjoy it.

I love people like Kevin, sure he can creep you out sometimes because you can't tell if he is joking or serious but over all, he is one of the coolest people i have ever met because he is nothing like anyone else, he is his own person and i love it. He also comes up with the coolest and weirdest things, for example, the ultimate nerd shirt and he enjoys the strange questions that i come up with and that makes me a happy camper. Keep pacing Kevin!

I love people like Clark and Carlin, even though i am not really close to them any more they still give me hugs and send a smile my way and when i am feeling down they come and sit with me until i tell them what's wrong and they help me work through it. I love them with all of my heart.

I love people like Daniel Rollo, he has a clean sense of humor, he is crazy random, he is nice to everyone and he is super talented in the music department. He will be dearly missed next year.

I love people like Derek, sure he wouldn't hug me for like 2 years and i drove the poor boy crazy but he is the nicest person in the world and he has standards that he sticks to, there is no bending the rules for him and that's impressive. I love my open-minded work buddy.

I love people like Eric, he is the father i never had, he is there for me 100 percent of the time, he is protective, caring and loving and i know he would do anything for me. He asks me how i am doing almost everyday and each time he asks, it is sincere and that means a lot. I can't begin to thank him enough for how much he has done for me, he has been my life saver.

I love people like Jace, i don't really talk to him but i love him because he does something hardly anyone else in this world would do and that is take people where they need to go, it doesn't matter how well he knows them or if where they are going is on his way he just does it and it is the coolest thing in the world. Thanks for the ride.

I love people like Jenni, she volunteers for everything and she makes sure things get done. She is also a trooper, she can take on anything weather it be getting stung by a jellyfish or putting a dance together hours before it starts. Walden won't be the same with out her.

I love people like Lexie, she tells it how it is, and sure sometimes she is too blunt but it is far better then beating around the bush. Thanks for keeping it real.

I love people like Maren, she cares more about everyone then anyone i have ever met. She never says anything bad about anyone and no one says anything bad about her. She knows how to make people feel comfortable and open up and be themselves. She knows how to have a good time and how to write a good story. She will go far in life and i will always remember and love her as well as all the good times we have shared.

I love people like Tyler, he is insanely smart and he stands up for what he believes in, when he wants something to change, he makes it happen, or tries to anyways. He is also some one you can go to if you need a hug, help or both. Mr. T.C. is a crazy cat and i enjoy him.

I love people who are truly in love and happy with each other, like my siblings and their spouses. They would do anything to make the other one happy, they work hard at keeping a good relationship and they truly appreciate each other. I think more people should have a love like theirs. I am jealous.

So, how was that for a happy blog?

P.S. i need to get rid of my cat because she is an outside cat and people are complaining about her, which makes me angry because she isn't doing anything, they are just mad she is there, and so i have to find her a home asap or she will have to go to the pound and then if no one adopts her she will get put down! so if you can love her and take care of her i will love you forever!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the history of track

So, here is what happened a few hundred years ago... there were 3 men sitting on a mountain top and they looked down and they saw men running around in circles and one of the men on the mountain said, "How funny would it be if one of them tripped and then they all fell over?" and one of the other men said, "Like OMG mate that would be so funny." So that night they decided to put logs all around the circle hoping to come back the next day and find them all fallen over and possibly dead.The next morning the 3 gentlemen came back they found something even funnier then a pile of crazy circle runners. They saw these runners running and jumping over the logs and they all thought that it was the best thing in the world. It was an epic prank fail.

But really if you think about it, you will never need to be able to run and jump over things that are half your size and not only that but also being super speedy at the whole thing. Like really guys what on earth were you thinking? Maybe they thought that they were going to stick a bunch of people in the forest and who ever got out the fastest won 40 virgins.. oh wait that's when you die if you are a Muslim. So i really have no idea what this whole thing is about.