Friday, October 30, 2009

getting down with the sickness.

so i have been sick for like five days now and i finally went to the doctor and he told me that i had viral gunk. it was a very good moment in my life, not because i have a virus but because he called it viral gunk and he never addressed it by a medical term. anyways, i should be back at school Monday, but i need to rest and take things easy this weekend. seriously though? this weekend of all weekends? why? why does my body hate me so? tomorrow is Halloween which just so happens to be the greatest day of the entire year and i can't do any thing amazing! grrrr! seriously i had the greatest week planned. i was going to have a costume count down to Halloween but i had to cancel that and i had to sit at home in pajamas all week. tonight i was going to go to Rachel's birthday party which was going to be amazing because she's going to a Japanese restaurant, but oh wait my stomach won't be able to digest all of that amazing-ness. after that i was going to dance rehersal, and honestly i wasn't super excited in the first place but i have a cool partner so it was going to be a party and the greatest thing of all was after that i was going to spend the night at Maren's house and we were going to have a psych marathon and we were going to do all sorts of crazy things all friday night and saturday long but now i can't because of my effing virus. grrreat. my body hates me.