Tuesday, August 25, 2009

last first day... kinda...

So the Jr. High Walkabout was BOMB!!! I had a blast and i met (more like got to know because i already knew who they were) some super dope kids specifically Josh, Jeffery, Gavin and William. I enjoy them a lot! We climbed a mountain and we got to go to the animal shelter together, fun, fun, fun. That right there is my summary of Zion's, If you wanna know more just ask me and I'll fill you in on the details.


So that, up there is my separation line, it's beautiful!

Anyways, i had a strange day yesterday, it was the last first day of school, kinda, i consider it the last but it technically isn't because i will eventually go to college and then i will have a first day of school, but that is a totally different first day so it shouldn't be put in the same category as the under adulthood age, always needed schooling amount group. Get what I'm saying?

Anyways, it was the first last day and i was woken by my sister at 0700 hours, it was so wonderful, i loved it. Not really. So then i got up and went to Seminary where i saw Brother Little for the first time in months! I was so excited to see him, he is the best seminary teacher ever!! When school started we (the student body) were split into our new mentor groups and then things went crazy because we all had to fill out new schedules because there was apparently something wrong with the old ones. So that made me angry because i do like things to be reasonably organized and that was just insanely hectic, i kinda wanted to shoot myself in the face because my schedule no longer worked out the way that i wanted it to. grrrrr.

First Period: Honors Physics
So when i finally figured out my schedule i went to class late, great way to start off the year right? And when i get in to class guess who i see!!! The ONE kid that i didn't want any classes with, and there he is right up front just talking away. So i am obviously excited to be stuck in this class with that kid ALL YEAR! Yay!
Second Period: Philosophy & Ethics
I walk into the class room and it's packed with just under 30 kids, that's a whole lot for a Walden class. So now I'm thinking, great, we won't get anything done in this class and Steph is just gonna get angry with all the side conversations going on, so this class will be really productive. I find a seat in the back on the floor by Chance and Riley and then just when class is about to start, guess who walks in, just guess! IT'S THE SAME STUPID KID!!!!!! hooray. Lucky for me i think i will get really into this class and i think i will eventually get to the point where i don't notice he's there.

Third Period: Senior Seminar
This is a class with all the seniors and to be honest i am very worried about my grade in this class. The teacher is used to teaching college students and i really struggle with English so i am pretty sure i am screwed. Plus the work amount that we have to get done in this class stresses me out and someone who i am pretty sure hates me is in that class so this class just stinks all around.

Forth Period: Ancient World Civilizations
This class is taught by Bev so i walk in very excited when i see "the boy" sitting on a couch and then walks in behind me is the girl who hates me so then i decide that i am cursed or something, so now i am really hoping that i am not cursed enough to be stuck in a group with them for a project or something because i am sure someones head would be ripped off.

Maren - Graduated
Chance - MATC
Me - No one to play with at lunch any more.

Fifth Period: Discreet Math
So i had a bad lunch period and i walk in and josh is talking about project days and there is a whole day devoted to coming up with a math project and working on it for at least 4 hours. So i am obviously looking forward to that. The positive about this class, no one hates me... i think, and i don't hate any one. yay!

Sixth Period: P.H.A.T. Major
Sorry i can't remember what the letters stand for but it's basically and anatomy class and i really like that class because it's me and 3 other girls so nothing can really go wrong except maybe and explosion.....

Seventh Period: ASL 2
The girl who hates me is in this class. The teacher scares me and she comes off really strict and there is NO talking allowed in this class. So exciting right?

Pretty good first day huh? Yeah and you know what? This is the first time in the 5 going on 6 years that i have been at Walden that i don't have a class from Eric, i am worried, scared, angry, depressed ect. ect. ect. I MISS ERIC!!!! This semester is gonna stink!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who's excited?? Me? Yes, me!!!

As you can tell by the title above i am very excited! You wanna know why? Well good cause I'm going to tell you! I am going to spend the next for days of my life in the Zion/Kanab area with the Jr. high students of the Walden School. Junior high students aren't very exciting but i get to be a leader with Carl, Wendi, Gwen, Diana, Caitlin and my mother. Do you know how excited i am to be able to boss small teens around?!?!? I am so excited, they have to do whatever i tell them! MWAHAHAHA!!

Okay well, that's not the only exciting part. I also get to spend a lot of time at the Best Friends Animal Society, which is where a lot of pets that have been abused live and i get to help them and love them and play with them. It will be a great adventure, but i can tell saying good-bye is going to be hard on my part. I looked on their web page and i already want to take some of their dogs home with me. I found a Chihuahua named Taco that i would like to come home with me on Thursday but sadly that probably won't happen. Maybe since we have a dog i can convince my mom to get one of the pigs they have down there, that would be exciting!

Alrighty i will let you all know how it goes when i get back and I'll post some pics on facebook. Have a good week! I know i will!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer days @ the Walden School.

Going in to school over summer break is pretty normal for me and i enjoy it quite a lot. Hanging with teachers, going to meetings, going to lunch, and maybe doing some small jobs to help out. If only school was like that all the time.. Oh wait, it is! I love Walden. 

So i really don't have anything specific to say, all i know is i went into school today and it made me very happy inside. Carl is a cool dude, we had some deep biological discussions about pigs and he showed me how to be a seal and Michael Jackson, i learned so much from him. Eric is still in touch with his feminine side and he had me braid his hair and we had some girl talk, he also attempted to teach me how to enjoy babies, i didn't enjoy that. I know all about the Walkabout and i am not even going. I smell like India, i met a beautiful carpet cleaner and i jammed out to some old school rap. i am a hardcore Walden gangsta! I can't wait to go up to the cabin tonight and get the whole Student Gov set up and watch the meteor shower with some peeps. This year better rock! Go Seniors!!!