Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer days @ the Walden School.

Going in to school over summer break is pretty normal for me and i enjoy it quite a lot. Hanging with teachers, going to meetings, going to lunch, and maybe doing some small jobs to help out. If only school was like that all the time.. Oh wait, it is! I love Walden. 

So i really don't have anything specific to say, all i know is i went into school today and it made me very happy inside. Carl is a cool dude, we had some deep biological discussions about pigs and he showed me how to be a seal and Michael Jackson, i learned so much from him. Eric is still in touch with his feminine side and he had me braid his hair and we had some girl talk, he also attempted to teach me how to enjoy babies, i didn't enjoy that. I know all about the Walkabout and i am not even going. I smell like India, i met a beautiful carpet cleaner and i jammed out to some old school rap. i am a hardcore Walden gangsta! I can't wait to go up to the cabin tonight and get the whole Student Gov set up and watch the meteor shower with some peeps. This year better rock! Go Seniors!!!

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