Saturday, May 7, 2011

random writing

I am cleaning my room and I found this random thing I wrote. I have no idea how old it is but it amuses me so badly.

I woke up one morning with hair like a mountain.
I started screaming and my mom said "Hey, stop your shoutin'"
I tried to fix it up with soap,
but that didn't work so I tried to cope.
I tried to iron it flat.
I tried a hat.
I tried to chop it all off.
It didn't move one bit.
My hair just wanted to sit.
I had a fit.
I went to the doctor but he couldn't find anything wrong.
He said it was normal for my hair to be abnormal.
He said I should go see the Prince of Ali.
I did and now I'm here wondering why I was cursed cleaning toilets with nothing but my hair.
I'm now in a state of doubt and my mom keeps asking me why I didn't just get detangler and brush the mountain out.

I think I should write books for small children.