Monday, May 4, 2009

i enjoy most people

I love people, i do, a lot. So i am going to attempt to make a happy non ranting/angry/movie spoiling blog. Lets see how this goes...

I love people who are like Chance, he reminds me of child because they are so simple minded and loving and the appreciate everything, he's also like puppies that's full of energy and fun and it's really hard to get bored around him which is a good thing. Thanks for the entertainment i quite enjoy it.

I love people like Kevin, sure he can creep you out sometimes because you can't tell if he is joking or serious but over all, he is one of the coolest people i have ever met because he is nothing like anyone else, he is his own person and i love it. He also comes up with the coolest and weirdest things, for example, the ultimate nerd shirt and he enjoys the strange questions that i come up with and that makes me a happy camper. Keep pacing Kevin!

I love people like Clark and Carlin, even though i am not really close to them any more they still give me hugs and send a smile my way and when i am feeling down they come and sit with me until i tell them what's wrong and they help me work through it. I love them with all of my heart.

I love people like Daniel Rollo, he has a clean sense of humor, he is crazy random, he is nice to everyone and he is super talented in the music department. He will be dearly missed next year.

I love people like Derek, sure he wouldn't hug me for like 2 years and i drove the poor boy crazy but he is the nicest person in the world and he has standards that he sticks to, there is no bending the rules for him and that's impressive. I love my open-minded work buddy.

I love people like Eric, he is the father i never had, he is there for me 100 percent of the time, he is protective, caring and loving and i know he would do anything for me. He asks me how i am doing almost everyday and each time he asks, it is sincere and that means a lot. I can't begin to thank him enough for how much he has done for me, he has been my life saver.

I love people like Jace, i don't really talk to him but i love him because he does something hardly anyone else in this world would do and that is take people where they need to go, it doesn't matter how well he knows them or if where they are going is on his way he just does it and it is the coolest thing in the world. Thanks for the ride.

I love people like Jenni, she volunteers for everything and she makes sure things get done. She is also a trooper, she can take on anything weather it be getting stung by a jellyfish or putting a dance together hours before it starts. Walden won't be the same with out her.

I love people like Lexie, she tells it how it is, and sure sometimes she is too blunt but it is far better then beating around the bush. Thanks for keeping it real.

I love people like Maren, she cares more about everyone then anyone i have ever met. She never says anything bad about anyone and no one says anything bad about her. She knows how to make people feel comfortable and open up and be themselves. She knows how to have a good time and how to write a good story. She will go far in life and i will always remember and love her as well as all the good times we have shared.

I love people like Tyler, he is insanely smart and he stands up for what he believes in, when he wants something to change, he makes it happen, or tries to anyways. He is also some one you can go to if you need a hug, help or both. Mr. T.C. is a crazy cat and i enjoy him.

I love people who are truly in love and happy with each other, like my siblings and their spouses. They would do anything to make the other one happy, they work hard at keeping a good relationship and they truly appreciate each other. I think more people should have a love like theirs. I am jealous.

So, how was that for a happy blog?

P.S. i need to get rid of my cat because she is an outside cat and people are complaining about her, which makes me angry because she isn't doing anything, they are just mad she is there, and so i have to find her a home asap or she will have to go to the pound and then if no one adopts her she will get put down! so if you can love her and take care of her i will love you forever!!

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