Monday, June 29, 2009

Philadelphia and Arlington's End

Saturday June 27:
Philly!! Hooray! Shi, Drew and i got there around  1 went to visitors center, where i got my mom cook book  in hopes that she would make some of the yummy looking things inside. Then we all headed over to the liberty bell and i was surprised at how small it was, i guess for a bell it is big but i was expecting something hugetastic, but what ever, old bells with cracks in  them are cool. Then we headed over to Benjamin Franklin's house, which wasn't really his house it was like a frame of his house and there were random quotes all over, and when i say random i mean it! They were way dumb like as if he was on crack or something there was one that was like i went shopping and got something for ten cents and my maid walked down the stairs. Really? Why are those all over the place? No one wants to read that! We want inspiring things to read! Either way i managed to get a kick out of it. Then there was independence hall, which was alright. And last but not least a duck tour which it a driving/boating tour, it was hard core!

Sunday June 28:
Woke up and went to church, what a surprise. Then the botanic gardens, which is Shi's favorite, i thought it was okay, flowers are cool things, i really enjoyed breathing there it felt so good!! We went home and watched meet the fockers, and i honestly could have lived without seeing it, the first one is way better. Then we walked around outside and called it a day.

Monday June 29:
Last day! Crazy right? I thought so. So i woke up packed, showered, ate, you know the norm then Shi was like so i have some clothes that you should have so i took them and i came home. End.

Who are all these people you may ask?
So yeah in case you are reading this and you have no idea who i have been talking about the last few blogs, let me fill you in.
Shiloh = My sister
Andrew = Shiloh's Husband
Johnny = Andrew's Brother
Andrea = Johnny's wife
James/Jackson = Andrea and Johnny's children
Amy = Andrew's Sister
Chunky/Daniel = Andrew's Brother
Eric = Shiloh's Step dad 
I think that's everyone...

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  1. Ah, excellent, it's finished! Now I can finish up your plot-arc and hopefully get Maren's done before the walkabout begins. Also, the guide to who's who at the end was very useful. I think I'll have to read through the whole thing again knowing who everyone is, heh.