Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ode to Chance!

So i was playing with my dear friend Chance today during 3rd period and he decided that he wasn't on my blog enough so i am going to write an entire blog about him!! His response to that: "1. I am boring so you can't write that much. 2. I forgot. Oh wait! That's a lot of dedication. 3. Well, i don't have a third one but if i did it would be good."

So since sentences are so over rated i am going to make a list full of reasons why i love chance!

1. Chance has a fuzzy face and he lets me touch it.
2. He likes peeing outside just as much as i do and we can talk about it all the time.
3. He crawls into giant pipes on the side of the road.
4. He helps me clean up messes in a rather unusual way, like sucking up all the Jamba Juice that one time.
5. He always smells good.
6. He lets me borrow his deodorant on camping trips.
7. He's not afraid to share the swine flu with me.
8. He'll smack me back :]
9. He'll wear random pajamas found in a random bag in the teachers lounge.
10. "Who lives in a Tree?" Best story ever!
11. His facial expressions are the best ones on this planet!
12. He is one of the few guys who treat girls with respect.
13. He can do that trippy eye thing that i hate but i think is awesome.
14. He makes fun of me because i hate eye contact.
15. I ripped his boxers once so he ripped them all the way off.
16. He's not afraid to lick me.
17. He is the Father of my imaginary children.
18. He's the funniest person i know!
19. He's an attractive child.
20. He is going to be a chef one day.
21. There is no guile in Chance.
22. He's the nicest person i know.
23. He still has a childlike personality that most people lose when they grow up.
24. He is one of my best friends.

Anyways. That's Chance for you!!

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