Thursday, November 8, 2012


 Guess who was in town!! My whole family! It was great! That only ever happens around Christmas but this Halloween was a total bonus! I love them. I really feel so blessed to be related to them. They are all so smart and hardworking. I really admire that. My family is full of crazy, loud, dominant personalities but we manage to make it work. I like how loud and quirky we are. It's adorable.

This is Jamie and Sam on Halloween.
We're pretty freeeeeakin' amazing.

This would be Jamie and Sam loving little Zara.
She's a doll. Her eyes blow me away.

We love when we get to see Zara.

 Emily is a stud!
We really are friends, despite her face in this picture.

 This is my enormous family.
I love them all.

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