Friday, June 26, 2009

DC Update Part 2

Saturday June 20th:
Okay, so we went grocery shopping a pretty normal Saturday thing, until we went to the most ghetto grocery store i have ever been to in my life, at first i was grossed out because it all looked pretty dirty, that was until i saw a kinder bueno, for those of you that don't know what that is, it is pretty much one of the greatest treats in the world and you can usually find it in the candy isle, unless you live in Utah because there is hardly any international food there, well anyways when i saw this kinder bueno drew said he would buy it for my and right then that ghetto store became the best place in the world. After going shopping, we, the three amigos went to check out the world war 2 monument, but drew couldn't find parking so he dropped Shi and i off at the monument and we met up with him down at the Lincoln memorial where a strange polish festival thing was going on. On our way back to the house we stopped at blockbuster and rented meet the parents which i enjoyed a lot and i am sure a lot of that enjoyment had to due with Robert De Niro reminding me of my father.

Sunday June 21st:
Sunday was pretty chill, we just went to church and then came home and ate dinner with Johnny and Andrea

Monday June 22nd:
I headed in the city all by my self in hope of seeing the holocaust museum before it was crazy packed full of people, but when i got there it was still closed and i had an hour to burn so i went to the Washington Monument and back to the WW2 monument because when i went the first time it was packed and i didn't have my camera. I still had a half hour but everything else was pretty far from the museum, so i just headed back and when i got there i found a line that had started forming at like 7 so i felt like a moron that i didn't see it the first time. Luckily i was only like a hundred people back and i was glad i didn't waste the rest of the hour messing around in DC like i had planned to. When i got to the front of the line i was able to get the earliest ticket since i was a party of one and i was able to go straight in which was very nice. Then i went in and got this passport thing and then you go up in an elevator where you pretty much walk through history, this museum was done really well and i enjoyed it but i was kinda hoping for it to be quite a bit more graphic then it was. After spending 4 hours in the museum i went to eat at a veggie place my mom recommended to me. Then my Dad called and we talked for a while and he said i should go down to the Daughters of the American Revolution Building and register to become a member. So i walked down there and i was the only person there and it was really creepy so i left and i went and chilled in a park across the street. I had just started to read when some singing African came up to me and started talking. I was kinda freaked out and his English wasn't that great and he kept mumbling in french and i was really confused, but we talked for like a hour and then he left. I decided that i was going to go to the other side of the mall just in case he decided he wanted to come back and chat because i was very done talking to him. When i got to the other side of the mall i saw the Vietnam and Korean War memorials which were pretty cool. Then i had to walk to Andrew's work which was like 15 blocks away. It was a party.

Tuesday June 23rd:
So i woke up bright and early and i stood in the line for the Archives building which ended up being the line of death and by that i mean it was a line that turned into another line that turned into another line, it was crazy annoying. After standing in lines for like 3 hours i finally saw the declaration of Independence, the bill of rights and the Constitution, in all honesty they really weren't that exciting, it was just some ratty old paper that you couldn't even read. Then i went to the Natural History Museum and it was the bomb dot com. There were creepy looking dead fish stuffed into jars, dinosaurs, a strange cartoon about evolution and dead humans that i got to play with!! It can't get much better then that! After spending a few hours in the museum i headed back to see the rest of the American history museum and it was lame, i saw all the good things with Chunk. I then went out side to take a nap in the shade when....... i got a call from my bestest friend in the whole world, Chance! He called to tell me that he slipped and fell on his kitchen floor and managed to tear his eye lid apart (Is anyone else curious how that happened?) Well, in case you are wondering, he is alive, he just had to get stitches and now he has a kick butt scar! After a very exciting day in the city i went home and watched nacho libre, it was one of the strangest things i have ever seen in my life!

Wednesday June 24th: 
I slept in once again, then i did some reading on Philly to plan the weekend trip. Sam called, and tried to talk me through a purchase, it was a pain in the behind. After that i watched slumdog millionaire, and i really liked it,  and i didn't really understand why it was R, it wasn't nearly as violent as i had heard it was going to be, and i vote that if you are thinking about watching this, i say go for it, because it is amazing! After that i needed to watch some arrested development to lift my spirit because the ending of slumdog was slightly depressing. Yeaaah that was all i did that day. I live a pretty exciting life right?

Thursday June 25th: "The Day of Death"
i woke up bright early to go to the Arlington Cemetery. I took some snacks and water and i got off at the right metro stop, everything was going well, until (dun, dun, dun) I entered the Cemetery. I walk in and i am nearly hit by a bus, i get yelled at by a cop and by then i'm a little exhausted, I walk into the visitor center where i find that the little bus thing that goes around the cemetery costs like $60 a ticket so i just figure screw that and i walk in. At first i was really intimidated by all of the gravestones but then i bust out my camera and i go for a walk and i took a lot of pictures and not one of my pictures has the same gravestone in it twice. Well any ways i am walking along in the hot sun and then i decide that i should find the tomb of the unknown solider so i start looking around and i see no one at all so i hike up this giant hill to see if i can find anyone but i can't. There is no one in site, but i did see a road so i walked down to it and i followed in to the deep abis known as the Arlington cemetery and i seriously walked on the road for an hour and a half in the hot sun without water, because i was to thirsty to just carry it around. Well any ways i eventually see a bus thing and i follow it back to where i started and i see this huge sign that says Kennedy with an arrow under it pointing in the exact opposite direction that i went. So, it was a sad day for Jamie. Then i follow the arrows to the stairs of death, i seriously thought i was going to die going up them, i was very surprised that i made it up alive. When i got to the top i was surrounded by people who were taking pictures so i did the same. Then i followed the crowd up more stairs of death to the tomb of the unknown solider, it was a pretty fancy thing. Then after my long hot day in the sun i headed back into the city where i found my self in the air and space museum. I had high expectations of this museum after hearing that it was the best place in DC from a few people that had visited before me. Unfortunately i was let down and the most exciting thing in there was the skanky flight attendant uniforms, but maybe it is super exciting and i was to tired or not enough of a science person to recognize that. So as you can tell i got pretty bored and i went outside, took of my shoes and played in a water fountain, it felt so good standing in that cold water. Then some squirrels came and played with me and they did some tricks and i gave them some treats and they let me pet them and love them! ahhh!! Just as the day was getting better i had to go home via metro and it was insanely crowded. Also how is it that i always manage to get my face stuck right in some huge smelly dude's armpit?!?!? The evening festivities included eating some food and watching Taken and that dude is pretty Bad A. there is no messing with this guy... i love him.

Friday June 26th: 
I slept in and let me tell you that it felt amazing after the day of death. Then little James came down and he is currently going through a fish phase so i found Finding Nemo online and that boy was so excited that i thought he was going to pee his pants, luckily, he didn't. After playing with James, Andrea decided that she should feed me and i did enjoy her food. Then Shi and Drew came home from work and we went to the Lost Dog Cafe which is an organization/cafe that helps raise food for lost dogs, it was delicious, you should go there.


  1. Okay...This was supposedly posted June 26th. Yet I've been checking this blog every few days through all of July and didn't see it until just now, August 1st. Do you have some way to change the dates on these things?

  2. you see i started it on june 26th so that's the day it says it was posted.

  3. Oh, I see...I also note you have recently changed the background (that or my computer just decided not to display the background before now). I like it.