Saturday, June 20, 2009

DC Update!!

Week one in the District of Columbia/Arlington

Friday June 12th:
I flew to the DC airport where Andrew picked me up, then he drove me down to the new Shi/Drew homestead where we met up with Chunky and Eric. I hadn't been at the new house long before Andrea and her kiddies showed up with dinner. Then Andrea took me back to the current living space of Shi and Drew, where I sat on the computer and facebooked until Eric, Drew and Chunky were done working on the house for the night and came home to That 70's Show and ice cream.

Saturday June 13th:
The boys got up bright and early, Shiloh and i slept in. The we went to the house where i knocked out a wall, which was a complete blast!!!

Sunday June 14th:
Eric headed home to Utah and the rest of us headed to church. After church Chunk, Drew, Shi and I went to the FDR and the Jefferson Memorials which were okay, they had some cool quotes and lots of water. Then we went back to the house and ate some ice cream and watched some SNL clips and Andrea came down and talked to us.

Monday June 15th:
Andrew and Shi went to work, Chunky and i checked out downtown, starting with the Capitol where we expected to get a super private tour that my father set up, but things didn't go the way we planned and we were thrown into the crap public tour. Then Chunk and I headed to the library of congress where we saw The Gutenberg Bible, it is one of three perfect copies on vellum in the world. Chunky was very excited about this discovery. P.S. the library of congress is BEAUTIFUL you should check it out. Next Chunk and I took the Metro the the world bank cafeteria where we had some insanely delicious food. After eating Drew told me about the world bank and i am a little in love with there cause. Then after Chunks 3rd bathroom break of the day we headed back down to the mall to check out a Smithsonian. We ended up going to the American History Museum for the rest of the day and only managed to see 1/3. That thing was crazy huge! That night at the house there was a little drama, it was all good though, no one died, but i am sure we all thought that some one was going too.

Tuesday June 16th:
Amy, her daughter, Andrea, her boys, Chunk and I went to the East Art Gallery, where we chased after children and saw minimal art, but paused in the cafe to have some early morning Italian ice cream. When we came back home Amy and her daughter left and Chunk went to do some last minute work on the house before he left that night. Chunk left in the afternoon and then i realized that it was going to be much quieter with out him and i was going to miss him dearly. When Andrew got home that night he introduced me to a show called arrested development and i love it, i am currently on episode 16 just in case you were wondering.

Wednesday June 17th:
Mwahaha i slept in till 1:30 in the p.m. and then i walked to the local library which was very small and i got a book on DC so i could figure out the things that i want to see.

Thursday June 18th:
Once again i slept in but only till 11:30 this time then i hung out with Johnny who was determined to entertain me some how so he decided to take me and the boys to the Iwo Jima memorial in the pouring rain, this was a very good adventure and this also became my favorite memorial. When we got back James who is the oldest child of Johnny and Andrea decided that he wanted to play with me, so we watched some stoybooks that were turned into movies for a while, then we colored and played the alphabet game. It was a good couple of hours.

Friday June 19th:
Since i am visiting Shiloh who is one of the greatest shoppers of all time, we went to the mall where she took me in to her favorite european store, H&M, and well, i fell in love with it, sadly i only got two things and i wish i got more but oh well. Then we went to blockbuster and rented Iron Man, which i didn't really know much about, i knew he was some sort of super hero but that was it and i can now say i know more and i recomend this film.

End of week one.
Stay tuned to hear about the rest of my adventure!

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  1. Hey. The rest of your adventure has decidedly NOT been posted. This is heresy. What ELSE did you do?