Sunday, January 3, 2010

Everyone Loves Shoes!!!

I was playing around on the Internet when I happened to stumble upon TOMS. It is an organization that provides shoes for people in need, specifically children in need. The problem is, TOMS needs help providing the shoes. I am not asking you to donate money. I am asking you to do something that you love. Shoe shopping. No, no, not for someone else. I am asking you to buy a pair of shoes for you. TOMS has decided to give a pair of shoes away for every pair sold. I think this is genius! Their shoes are pretty attractive! I personally believe that the shoes are kind of pricey but then again I have no income so maybe they are regularly priced shoes. I understand if money is tight and you can't buy a pair but you can always go barefoot on April 8th!! April 8th is "One Day Without Shoes" Day. This is to help spread the word of TOMS and those who are less fortunate and now struggle with diseases because they couldn't afford shoes. Anyways, PLEASE help those who are less fortunate. It may be only one pair of shoes or telling one person why you are wearing no shoes but it makes a difference. I am saving up to buy a pair, I am so excited!!

Check out this video! It was the One Day Without Shoes promotional video from last year. This years date is April 8th!!

You can buy shoes and learn more @ TOMS Shoes
you can by shoes at one of their retail stores in provo:
Soel Boutique @ 4801 N. University Ave. (Riverwoods)
Their clothes are really cute too!

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  1. Brilliant! I want some. I am so going barefoot on April 8th!