Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another List

Things I Hate:
Utah's Bipolar Weather
The Walden School
People that are stupid because it's "cute"
Not having a job
Not having a drivers license
When people write like they are texting
When pple txt lik thiz
Stress eating
Over the top weddings
When people my age talk to me like I am 5
Thanksgiving & Christmas
How addicting chocolate is
Kids Bop
When someone commits suicide and then people realize there is an issue
The fact that the world is so messed up
My lack of skills
Feeling guilty all the time
Feeling alone but saying no when people ask to hang out
Abusive people
When bugs get caught in your hair right by your ear
The crappy internet at my house
I can't get myself to trust anyone
When people think I am the one that ratted them out

This is all I dare to put on the Internet

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