Wednesday, October 13, 2010

oh boy!

There is really only one thing that I want in life and that is a decent boy. I want someone who is smart, funny and random and word vomits like I do. I want to be with someone who I can completely trust both when it comes to physical stuff (like he won't push me to do things I don't want to do) and when it comes to emotional stuff (I want to be able to tell someone everything about my life, no secrets). I want to be with someone that I find attractive and not some freak who follows me around like my shadow. I want to be with someone who won't judge me and will just love me unconditionally for being me. That's really all I want in a guy; if we have some things in common then that's nice too but really, I just want someone who respects me and loves me back.


  1. Hmm... that's funny... sound a lot like someone I know.

  2. So, smart and funny limits you to the top 10% or so of people. Someone you can trust completely should probably eliminate just about everyone else, but let's assume there's a few left, say, 1%. Someone you find attractive will presumably not cut too many out of the herd, so let's say we've gotten ourselves just down 0.5% (in other words, that you find half of all guys attractive, which seems pretty generous).

    Someone who won't judge you, something which virtually ALL human beings are programmed to do to practically EVERY person they meet, either on sight or else within minutes of meeting them. Let's be generous and only cut things down to 0.05%, by making the quite-nearly-ridiculous assumption that 1 out of 10 people aren't judgmental. Someone who will love you unconditionally for being you is primarily a matter of personal taste, so let's again be generous and assume that 1 in 5 will love you unconditionally, forever. That brings us to 0.01% of all guys. But wait! We're not finished yet! It has to be a guy, so we need to cut out the female half of the population and bring us down to 0.005% of the population.

    We're down to 300,000 men. Out of a total world population of six billion. You would have to meet 50,000 people to have even odds of even meeting this guy, let alone get to know him well enough to find out he's The One. If you pack your average football stadium full of people, odds are, your guy is not in there.

    Learn. To. Compromise.

  3. That's kinda harsh don't you think?

    And by judge I meant like when i do things he won't be like "She is reeeeetarded and I am way better than this chick." Does this increase my chances?