Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I was suppose to move out today after I got home from walkabout (which was amazing by the way). However, I didn't realize how much I still have to do before I move so I am spending one official last night at home. So I am moving tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. and Eric is going to help me. Originally my dad was going to help me move but he is so stressed by the fact that my mom is in the hospital again that I don't want anything added to his plate but I think he thinks that I want Eric to help me because I like him more which isn't true I just like them in different ways. The fact of the matter is that Eric knows how stressed my family is and he offered to help so I took him up on his offer. I think my dad is kinda mad at me but he is so stressed that the last thing I need him to do is help me move all my junk. Meh. Any advice on what I should say to my dad?

List of stuff I have to do before I leave tomorrow:
Pack up the last few items
Clean my room
Clean Tiki's cage
Vacuum downstairs
Do more laundry
Make sure all my walkabout stuff is put away
Pack up the truck
Some how make my face look like I didn't loose a fight with the face fairy. (I have mosquito bites all over my body, particularly my face. I also look like I was punched in the mouth because my lips are so chapped. Supper hot right?)
And pray that I don't forget anything which I'm sure I am going to.

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  1. so, how did the move go? how is Amy doing? when do classes start? is campus crazy-insanely stuffed with people?