Thursday, October 25, 2012


'Ello ladies and gents. I've had some pretty swell adventures the last few days. I thought I should document somewhere and well, why not just put it on the blog right? I've met some amazing people this year and we've been able to do a lot together. My favorite activity in the last week or so was visiting the Abandoned Provo Prison aka The Old Ironton Jail. Didn't know it existed? Me too, and I've been here for years. I guess it opened in '76 and the closed in '97 due to bed shortage and everyone who was there moved down to Spanish Fork when that facility was built and there was no longer a need for the one in Provo. Anyways, it's supposedly haunted because they've executed people there. There is an electric chair and a lethal injection table. Trippppppy stuff. Someone in my ward has been there before and told a friend about it who decided to get a group together and go in the middle of the night so I after hearing about it I had to go. There is something about sneaking around that still appeals to the rebel in me. When we got there we had to sneak through a hole in the fence and meander our way around the building to try to find a way in. While we were wondering around one of the girls in our group said she saw something inside and I replied saying that she was just psyching herself out, but of course, right as I said that we heard something fall off the building which made me cringe and feel pretty hypocritical. Someone pointed out that the noise came from around the corner so we had to investigate. As we looked around the corner there was a high pitch scream coming from the building so we all ran away as fast as we could screaming for our life. I wholeheartedly believe in demonic spirits and possessions so I was beyond freaked out. As we were running I literally peed my pants due to how scared I was. As far as I know no one in our group has been visited by any spirits since we went there. I'd call that a success.

Jordanian Dinner Party at Dunia's
(These girls have my heart)

 True Blue - BYU Homecoming foam fest

Spencer and Gus Bonding

 FHE Hayride
We have the best group ever!

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