Saturday, June 12, 2010

Alien Rocks and Other Things We Saw

We got a bus pass for the day and saw Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath.

More Pictures!

Windsor Castle Gift Shop
Hey Eric, I took this picture just for you :D


Sam's Face

My Face

Our faces together

So one time when I was at Stonehenge there was the gal who was totally feeling the magical rays coming from the rocks and she was beautiful and I loved her.

Cathedral in Bath

Same guy, different side

We met a Roman

So, at the bath they frown on people who get in the water so I couldn't take a bath but I was able to sneak my feet in. The water was amazingly warm.

Sam decided she wanted to sneak her feet into the water too.

We had a fun time and my dad made lots of beautiful Australian friends who are living my dream life. The Australians are also ridiculous amounts of funny and I miss them.

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  1. It's probably got as much to do with the fact that I haven't seen any of my friends for the past few weeks as anything else, but I'm really glad you're doing these. moarplzkthxbai