Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Red Side of London

These are some pictures and summaries of what happened in between the last vlog and the next one.

We went to a practice parade thing and the Duke of something was there and it was fancy.

We also saw a few museums such as the Science Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum.

Can you imagine 30 yards of those red plastic strips hanging from the ceiling? Yeah... I had a good time.

We found a pregnant man

Red telephone booth

Rosetta Stone

Greek Marbles

We almost went to Hogwarts...

But then the wall closed...

So we took pictures instead.

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  1. The very definition of female is that it contains eggs which are fertilized. This means that a female by definition is the only member of any given (sexually reproducing) species that can give birth/lay eggs. A pregnant man is literally a contradiction in terms.