Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sam Went to Starbucks

So I am chilling in London. It's a beautiful place. It defiantly has a city vibe like most. The energy here is off the hook. It's been raining since we got here. I'm not too bummed since I love rain but I am bummed I packed Utah summer clothes. Basically I am retarded. Anyways. We got here early Monday morning (local time) and we went straight to the bus tour to get a feel for the city and the layout, ya know, the basic info and stuff. Btw, riding a double decker bus feels like riding in a flying car. We also checked out St. Paul's Cathedral. It was fancy. It pretty snazzy. Today we went back to the bus and saw the stuff we didn't see yesterday. Then we headed over to Hard Rock (which is one of my favorite restaurants ever mostly due to the vibe in the restaurant not really the food) and the hard rock we went to happens to be the first one amongst the hundreds that now exist, it also has one of the best collections that includes Madonnas cone bra, several Bob Dylan guitars, hand written John Lennon lyrics as well as his famous glasses and green army shirt he wore during one of his tours to show his anger about Vietnam and toooooons of Zeppelin things. The place was loaded with goodies. I may have stopped breathing a few times. Then, due to the large amounts of rain, my lack of clothing and my family being pansies, we went to Harrods to get warm. It was super lame due to the fact that I couldn't even look at items because the prices made my brain explode. Now I am chilling at the local library because it has free Internet unlike my hotel and Sam went to Starbucks to get a drink because she's freezing. I'll post pics of London and graduation eventually. I'll post again as soon as I have time again.


  1. Ahhh that sounds so fun... But yeah you should probably write tons more blog posts about your adventures!

  2. YEAH!! Can't wait to see pics and hear about more adventures. So so jealous! Sorry, forgot to worn you about how cold it is ;-) and lush.

  3. Commenter number three, I wish to bring it to your attention that the language you have posted your comment in and the language the blog post was written in do not match.