Saturday, June 26, 2010

I need a plane ticket.

I miss London.
I miss the tube and the double decker buses.
I miss interracial couples.
I miss the crazy fashion.
I miss the smokey air.
I miss the humidity.
I miss the elephants on parade.
I miss the street music.
I miss reading the newspaper every night.
I miss walking everywhere.
I miss the silent kindness of the people.
I miss the smell of coffee in the morning.
I miss the accents.
I miss the hustle and bustle.
I miss the art.
I miss the want to get up and explore every morning.
I miss the inspiration.
I miss feeling like I was a part of something.
I miss the tall buildings.
I miss the melting pot of people.
I want to go back, I feel so out of place here.

1 comment:

  1. AMEN!!

    go to the kennedy center and start to check out the study abroad options. ask what scholarship options they have so you can start now to get done whatever it takes. LOVE LONDON!!