Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Adventure!

Spent last night with my boys (James, Nathaniel, Derek and Tommy)! It was one of the funnest things I have done all summer. First we met up and went to the latest showing of Toy Story at the Scera (which we kind of talked through the entire time [Did anyone else pick up on the fact that the garbage man is Sid? That evil kid from the first movie]). Then, when the movie was over we walked over the the Shell and walked around and then played catch with all of the random sports equipment that Derek keeps in the trunk of his car. We then proceeded to Wendy's to get frostys. Then we went back to the Scera for some reason and sat in the parking lot, ate our frostys and had the best time of our lives.

Things that were said that made me laugh that I can remember:

"You can put that potato picture on your bathroom wall." Derek
"Naked ladies on my bathroom wall?!?!?" Tommy
Everyone but Tommy busts out laughing
(Please note that Tommy is deaf in one ear so that is really what he heard)

"The bachelors are back." Nathaniel

"My initials are on your ceiling!" Me
"Well, that's creepy" Nathaniel

"I have never seen anyone that unattractive in real life and she looks like that after being airbrushed!!" Nathaniel talking about Bella

"I thought that was a picture of Nicolas Cage." James talking about a Joseph Smith painting

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