Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mountain Sea

This week has been hectic. There was a lot to do at Walden to get ready for summer school and it starts bright and early tomorrow morning. I feel like my co-workers and I are ready but you can never anticipate the curveballs that Walden can throw. I am very excited to spend the month of June with some amazing kids. There really is no other way I'd be happy with my summer.

Last Friday was the first Rooftop Concert Series worth going to. I had a hard time finding someone to go with by my dear friend Hilary decided to come last minute which I really appreciated. We had a splendid time being serenaded by Desert Noises and The Moth & The Flame. It was terribly crowded but between and the hipsters and the hipster wannabes in the area I should have expected such. I loved the show. There is some splendid local talent in these here parts. I am very proud that I can associate myself with such skill and passion for music. I hope I can continue to support these two bands. They have so much potential.

Other things I've enjoyed lately are The Big Bang Theory and the film 50/50. I would love my own Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Dr. Sheldon Cooper. They would bring significant joy to my life.  But alas, I will have to try to make it by with out them in person and just watch them on my television. I have 4 seasons of Big Bang to go so I am set for Sheldon but as for Joseph I just might need to purchase some more films and replay them all summer long. If that fails I can always count on Dexter Morgan to make my insides warm and fuzzy. I still have 1 season to go before I am all caught up and my father is trying to convert me to Grimm and that definitely posesses significant potential to become a new love based on the pilot.

In other news, my beloved vehicle needs some work done and that comes out to about $1000 (Ouch). So my hopes of taking a road trip might no longer occur unless a money tree appears in my back yard. It breaks my heart (and my wallet), but what can you do? I must find a new job soon but this is proving to be quite difficult as most of the jobs my heart desires has a required age of 21 which is about a year away...

Zackery is doing well. He's angry but this is expected with all the life transitions he is going through. The program he has joined has asked that we have "friendship counseling" which has been a very, very interesting experience thus far. At this juncture the program asks that the counseling session be the only time I see him through out the week. We are allowed to talk on the phone once a day for a few minutes but Zack and I would both like more interaction with each other, but if the program wants things to happen this way then I feel obligated to live by their rules. I am very proud of him. I know things are very difficult on his end but I feel like he is making great strides in a positive direction.

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