Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I am loving this summer. It's beautiful. I love waking up and getting to work with my favorite kids on the planet every day and then spending all my free time with my best friends.  We have the best adventures. Zack, Dylan and I went golfing and played racquetball this last week and we had a grand old time. The views from the golf course are stunning. Utah Valley is such a beautiful place. 

On Sunday Zack, Joe, a bunch of people from AA and I hiked to Stewart Falls and we had a lot of fun. Zack found a snake on the path and then carried it remainder of the hike and told everyone that looked at the snake that "it shit on me". With his childlike mentality he was SO proud of both the snake and the mark it left behind. I  have forgotten how much I love hiking and really being outside in general. I need to go way more often. I've been going swimming but that just isn't enough. I feel like I should check out Timp Caves. I haven't done that hike in years. (If you're interested you should hit me up and we'll make it happen.) 

Despite all of the fire warnings in the area Zack and I built a fire and made smores and Hilary and I have been blowing all kinds of things up. We wreak all kinds of havoc but we have the best time in the world doing so. Some times I am surprised we go home at night with out getting into trouble for how much crap we do.

My lovely best friend Maren had a birthday party and it was absolutely splendid! I adore that girl so much. I do wish she lived closer though then I'd just live at her house. She's great. I miss staying up at night talking to her. I am going through the worst withdrawals. I can't wait to move back in with her in the fall and I'm praying that Hilary will be able to be there too. 

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