Saturday, July 7, 2012

Turning Japanese

Last week was fairly oriental. My good friend Sairah moved back from Germany last weekend so I took her out to dinner. Her husband was just deployed so no expenses were spared on our gilrs night. She deserved the very best! We ended up eating in West Jordan at this all you can eat sushi bar and it was the most delicious. I was stuffed to the max. I was worried I would throw up I ate so much. It was amazing.

Hilary and I also had some Japanese fun times. We watched Battle Royale. The original Hunger Games. It was the most legit. Fake blood all over the place and killing with all kinds of things. I loved it.

After that we set off some fireworks and the looked super Japanese too. Unfortunately, I had some problems. I cut my thumb and got blood all over the place and I started a small fire but other than that things went well. We must have set off a good 50 fireworks, no big ones mind you. Just some flowers, boats and sparklers. We had a good time. I love bonding nights with that girl.

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