Saturday, July 14, 2012

Welcome to the Rooftop

Last Friday was one of the Rooftop Concert nights. I went with Zack and Maren, wehad dinner and then met up with people from our ward. Usually I eat up the concert environment but I wasn't really feeling it... Brian and Robert, who swung by for the last few songs were awesome, but besides that, not one person talked to Zack, Maren and I and we were in a pretty large group. Sad times, no?? We were a total outside party. It was interesting to go to something and be excluded by those I attend church with after being so excepted by the people in AA so quickly. I guess another factor was that all of the songs that were played were Tom Petty's. I had never heard of him before and there was a reason for that. We do not see eye to eye in the music department. But it was cool. I still had fun with my little group of friends. They are the best.

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