Monday, August 13, 2012

Dark Passenger

I have been watching more Dexter lately. This is by no means unusual but with the most current season I have come to the realization that everyone has a "Dark Passenger".  Now what is this Dark Passenger you might be asking? First of all, if you are not easily offended you should watch Dexter because it is a brilliant show and learn for yourself. Second, for those of you who won't watch the show, a Dark Passenger is basically the demon with in. The level of darkness within oneself that can be controlled or can control the person.

After watching 6 seasons I whole heartedly believe everyone has one. They are all different and some passengers are more dominant than others but we each carry one. What I found most interesting though is the point that the character Brother Sam (one of my favorite characters of the entire series) brings up. He suggests that everyone also has light it is just a matter of if we choose to let go of our darkness or embrace it. I believe this as well, even in this world. I can forgive James Holmes as well as Wade Page. There is good that can be found from these two recent shooting tragedies. There is light. There is a lesson. We just have to open our eyes and look. I believe in change for the better. I believe in forgiveness. I just hope others do too.

"I know about your darkness, but I also see your light." Brother Sam

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