Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goodbyes Are Hard.

I've moved, transfered schools, seen death, traveled the world, had a few jobs and through that have seen many a people come and go from my life. Saying goodbye has always been difficult. But today was by far the hardest goodbye I've ever had to say. I had to say goodbye to all of the kids that I have been working with for the last 2 years. It broke my heart. I felt like I had been hit by a train. I couldn't stop shaking, my mind was racing, my stomach dropped and my heart was pumping so hard everyone around me could feel it. I think I literally went into shock.  I said goodbye to most of the students back in May but having to say goodbye to the rest of them today really feels like the death of me. I haven't been able to eat all day and all I can think about are my kids.

These kids may not be biologically related to me but they are by all means MINE. I have worked with most of these guys everday for the past 2 years. We love each other unconditionally. They mean the world to me and I know I am a large part of their life as well. No matter where life will take me I will always root for them and if one were to call me in 20 years I'd love to chat and do whatever they might need. Maybe we should have a reunion one day? I wish that was socially acceptable... The idea of never seeing these kids again is really taking it's toll on me. I have never experienced such heart break.

It's interesting how emotions can take a toll on your body.
I literally feel ill.

I'll post pictures and stories of some of my favorite kids when I have the chance.
It'll be good to share my stories and love with the world.

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