Saturday, August 4, 2012

Girls Night

Few weeks ago I met up with the beautiful Brittany. I love her. We used to be best of friends in junior high but then she transfered schools and ended up moving out of state so I haven't had much contact with her besides a few Facebook chats over the years and an occasional failed attempt at a get together but after all of these years we were able to rekindle our love! It was really interesting to see how much we've grown but still be able to hang out like we did. It was a beautiful thing. We had a girls night to a T. We went to Boondocks then ate pizza and watched Stick It while she painted my nails and this girl is insane at nails she can paint anything. Just point at a pinterest picture and it'll be on your hand in minutes! My word! She blows my mind. Actually our whole relationship does really. She is the most girly and I am, well, not that in touch with my genders standard procedures. But somehow things just work. We love each other unconditionally and would honest to god, do anything for one another. She is one of my few friends who is protective of me and would get in there and fight to the finish if someone screwed me. She'd win too. She's ballsy, that one. And honest as all else. You never have to worry about what's on her mind about you or anyone else, she'll be sure to let you know.

Anyways, back to story. The next morning she did my hair and make-up. I looked snazzy. Then we went dress and heel shopping which made me terribly nervous. I love how heels look but I'm a tard so the idea of actually buying some and having to wear them was scary. All in all I think it ended up going well other than the fact that I spent money which I really shouldn't have done due to my employment scenario. I'll make it work though. I'll wear what I bought to an interview and they'll love me just by how adorable I'll be or perhaps they'd hire me out of pity. They might think I have some disability by the way I was walking. Dang. Not sure how I'd feel about that one. Either way my new clothes are beautiful and my and Brittany's relationship is thriving. We've had quite a few play dates since our girls night and they all seem to be more eventful than the last. We even had a head injury on our last excursion. I guess we're just hardcore like that.

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