Sunday, November 28, 2010

and then there were two.

So my week was a week from hell. Compared to other weeks I've had it hasn't been thaaaat bad but it was still undesirable.

So Thanksgiving just didn't happen for me. It wasn't huge bummer since I don't eat meat but just the fact that my mom flat out cancelled it and when I went home and did laundry and no one talked to each other all day long; that really freaked me out. My family fights a lot but since I moved out it's gotten a lot worse and I can't help but feel like it's my fault that they are all fighting so much right now. It just makes me sick to my stomach.

Saturday when I finally got out of my bed, from just laying in there all night looking at the ceiling all night, I cried and I cried a lot. It just hurts knowing that you weren't enough for someone so they had to go behind your back and do a bunch of shit. I hate boys. I always fall for total douche bags. Man. So anyways I was crying my eyes out so I called up Chance and made him come over and he was awesome. I don't think that I could have called up anyone better. So he came and talked to me at my place for a bit and then we went to his house and hung out until he and his family had to go to a baptism but I tagged along and it was great fun. Then Chance went with me while I got my new tattoo (Now most of you are probably thinking "new tattoo? she doesn't have an old tattoo." Well my children, that is false. I got one back in the first week of august). Anyways, I got a dragonfly and it looks awesome. I'll post pictures of both of my tattoos below so now the world will know that they exist. After the tattoo Chance and I went back to his place where we had a party and then I spent the night because I'm too depressed to be alone.

Sunday I woke up and went to church with Chance and his family and then I came back to my apartment and then I cried a lot more and I had a panic attack and it was nasty. And now here I am writing a blog full of personal information that shouldn't be placed on the internet. Bleh. I need someone to come over with a huge amount of ice cream right now but I doubt it will happen.



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