Thursday, November 11, 2010

stories from my life.

Eli and Tyler came over and made Maren and I dinner. It was an awkward time. Then I stayed up till 5:30.

I woke up late and had to run to school in the rain. I forgot to wear a jacket and I was wearing canvas shoes. I was soaking wet all day. It wasn't a party. Trisha came over that night and told us about her missionary and then Kristy and Naomi talked about their boys and Maren talked a little bit. It was a good time.

I had to go to therapy in the morning then I purposely skipped class for some reason that I can't remember. I walked to Shopko in the middle of a snow storm. Then my mom took me to the bank so I could deposit my check and I found out that I might have enough to have an adventure over thanksgiving break. After the bank my mom was planning on taking me to a store so that I could buy new pants because all of mine are falling off but we didn't have enough time so we headed to Macaroni Grill where we met up with Spencer, Kathrine and the baby as well as my dad and grandma. Dinner was... well, something else. If you know my family then I'm sure you can imagine. Meh. It was actually one of the better get-togethers we've had. After that I went home and Matt A. came over and then Tyler came over after he left. Tyler even helped me out with my potential thanksgiving adventure. He's the best.

Woke up and went to school. I fell asleep in every class. I came home and had some hot chocolate because it was uber cold outside. Then I got on facebook and started talking to Eric which was great because I hadn't talked to him in ages. I was suppose to go to a crisis line meeting but I ended up talking to Eric the whole time instead. Then I went and I found a sweet artist who is gonna help me out with my thanksgiving plan. Ummmm. Then I went bowling and bowled a 131 and it was sweet! Then I came home and puked because my stomach was so angry at me and then I went to bed.

Slept through my alarm and woke up to the fire alarm going off because Kristy turned on the heater and it smelled nasty. I ended up sleeping in past my only class of the day... so that was kinda bad so then I just sat in my room and listened to some Pandora because Pandora is the best. Then I got a text from my partner from the crisis line asking me if I was coming in and I had totally spaced so I ran to the crisis line as fast as I could which only took 15 minutes (I was very surprised by my running skills). I stayed there until 6 then ran home so that I could meet up with my mom and grandma. Then when they showed up my grandma had to tell me about her rotting teeth and how I was an anorexic. My mom dropped of my grandma at her place and then we went out to eat and then we ran to TJMaxx to look for some pants because all of mine keep falling off. After a shopping adventure we had to head back to my grandmothers for a quick family gathering of sorts and the entire utah family gang was there and it was a party. Then Spencer was kind enough to give me a ride home and then come and talk with me for a while so that was very very nice because I really do enjoy talking to him. So we chilled for a bit and then he had to go home. I'm really glad he took the time to talk to me though. It meant a lot.

So. That's my week thus far. Tomorrow I have to take a midterm which I am certain I am going to fail hardcore.

I'm not sure if I should blog more like this or if you guys like it more the other way where I just throw out random updates with way less details. Just let me know what you like and I'll try to keep it how you like it unless I am in the mood to write a different way. Also more people should have a blog or blog more often about their lives because blogs are my favorite.

Anyways. I'm out for the night! Peace son!

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